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Raven Ridge History 101

These last few years at Raven Ridge have been nothing but transformative to everyone who has been here, and especially for us who have the incredible privilege of living here every day. The raven has truly taken flight. I have always said that this land has a plan of her own, and that I am just here to make what she wants happen. She is a relentless task mistress, and a patient teacher too. This year in particular has been a paradox of blessings and loss, and it started with the hostel burning down on January 25, 2023. It is kind of misleading, and even a little diminishing to say, "hostel" too. The building was our family home for many years before it burned to ashes . It was the first house Will and I built together, and we raised our two daughters in it. It held so many memories, milestones, and mementos. The achievements hard won there were not only of our own family's making either. Friends and family stayed with us over the years of course, but so did so many wandering souls found along the way. With their help and momentum, we built our dream.

We once tried to make a list of the people who have lived here with us, and came to just over 60 people. Some stayed for week, others for months, and even a few, for years. I'm going to take my time over the coming winter months and share that incredible journey with you here. I'm going through pictures and old social media posts, and will chronicle what steps we took and how we got here as best as I can, so subscribe and follow along. What are your favorite memories of building of Raven Ridge? Were you here for any of it? Let me know.

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The view from the outhouse!

Erika Tafel
Erika Tafel
28 жовт. 2023 р.
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Funny you should mention that because we didn't have a door on the outhouse just for that reason.... the view!

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